Great & Little Tew Bonus Ball

  • 21st June 2015

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Hi Everyone,
I am not sure how many of you are aware, but for many years the club has run a Lottery Bonus Ball game. This is an excellent source of much needed funds and we would very much like to grow this.

Firstly I would like to thank all of the current players of our Lottery Bonus Ball game. Your support of the club is invaluable and much appreciated, and as a club we very much hope you will continue to participate. I have outlined below for everyone that is not familiar with Bonus Ball how it is going to work, and although all new players will have a randomly selected number allocated to them, we are more than happy for you to keep the same number (s) that you currently have.

Great & Little Tew Cricket Club Bonus Ball Game

1. Entry is £1.00 per number per week, payable by standing order or bank transfer. This can be paid either in one lump sum of £50.00 or by 4 x £13.00 payments. (Both options to be paid in advance). You will be notified of your allocated number on receipt of entry fee.

2. Winning weekly number will be the Bonus Ball Number drawn on The SATURDAY main National Lottery Draw

3. The winners of each draw and the Cricket club will receive equal amounts of all monies taken.

4. Winners Will Be Paid at the end of each 13 week period

5. There will be a Christmas “Super draw” where the winners will receive a bonus payment. ( details of this will follow)

6. Any Players subscription that fall`s more than 4 weeks behind is liable to have their number removed from the draw and their number made available for re sale.

7. Numbers will be allocated randomly by the organiser.

8. Anyone interested in participating please click the button below to register.

Play GLTCC Bonus Ball

Thanks for reading and please encourage as many people as possible to take part. It’s a bit of fun and will generate much needed funds for the Club. The winner win`s, the Cricket Club wins, everyone`s a winner, well except those that don`t win.